Worst mistakes you can make with the OpenCart Marketplace Module

We make mistakes in every field and genre. eCommerce is no different! Well, if you have or planning to have the OpenCart Multi Seller Marketplace Module, you can make mistakes there too. However, not repeating them is the whole idea. Hence, here we are with a few mistakes that you should avoid while you are considering buying the OpenCart Marketplace Module. In fact, even when you are installing or configuring the OpenCart Marketplace Extension.

This blog will focus on the worst mistakes that you can make with the OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Module. Further, this blog will help you avoid making those mistakes.

Worst mistakes that you can make in OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Extension

Zero research before buying the OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Plugin

It is very important for any marketer to do the necessary research before buying the modules for his eCommerce store. In fact, when you are planning to expand with the OpenCart Marketplace, you should do your homework. Research different websites selling the OpenCart Marketplace Module and pay careful attention to the ifs and buts. Knowband provides numerous benefits and features in the OpenCart Marketplace Plugin. Thus, you should consider it but do research before you settle for the best.

Don’t configure it well

Let us assume that you have finally bought the OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace module from Knowband. Further, the next step is the configuration which actually means you adjust the various settings from the back end of the OpenCart module. There are numerous settings available in the OpenCart Marketplace Plugin. For instance, seller registration settings, payout settings, membership plans, and so much more. Further, when you configure the OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Extension, you make the work easier for yourself in the long run. However, if you need to make changes in the working of the module, you can go to the settings and configure it with a few button clicks.

Don’t make use of the free customer support

Knowband is really popular for its commendable customer support. The support team features expert and skilled individuals who help you through any kind of problem. In fact, you can depend on them for all kinds of customizations as well. All you have to do is contact them at support@knowband.com and they’ll be right there to help you through.

Don’t keep an eye on handling the sellers and the activities

Sellers will sell their products as you want them to. Further, you have to lay down some ground rules for the same. However, relaxing way beyond the part where you don’t keep a track of what’s happening on the Knowband marketplace is absolutely wrong. You should be vigilant in managing the seller transactions, handling their payout requests, and everything else on your part. Thus, that’s how your OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace module works.

In the End

Hence, you should avoid making these mistakes with your OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace module. In fact, if you have made these mistakes, you can always avoid them to happen again. Check out the module at the Knowband store now. Have any questions? Do let us know at support@Knowband.com.

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