What Should We Pay Attention to When Choosing Cam Locks?

Cam locks, as common industrial locks, are a type of latch consisting of a base and a cam, which provides security for valuable items. The main principle of cam locks is that when the key is inserted into the lock core, the lock cylinder is rotated 90 to 180 degrees under the rotation of the key, thus realizing the unlocking and locking.

Because of their strong, safe and easy-to-use structure, cam locks are very popular in a wide range of application scenarios. What problems should we pay attention to when choosing a cam lock? For a cam lock, we can mainly consider the following aspects when choosing:
1. Safety
Safety indicates that the reliability of the cam lock set determines the safety level of the cam lock to a great extent. The safety of the cam lock is mainly determined by its structure, such as the arrangement of discs and the action of springs.
2. Firmness
It refers to the degree of compression resistance and external force resistance of the lock, and the firmness mainly depends on the material used for it.
3. Length of action
It mainly refers to the length of action of bolts, which determines the matching degree between cam locks and equipment.
4. Durability
It refers to the service life of locks, which mainly depends on their materials and surface treatment technology.
5. Mutual opening rate
It refers to the phenomenon that another lock can be opened with its own key, and the mutual opening rate also affects the safety level of the cam lock.
Xiamen MAKE Security Technology is a high-tech enterprise with more than 10 years’ professional research, development, production and sales of locks. Cam locks are complete in variety and high in quality, and can be tailored according to your actual requirements to meet your different safety protection needs. According to the structure of tongue locks, MAKE cam locks mainly has the following types:
Disc Tumbler Cam Lock
It is a kind of lock that uses discs to control the rotation of the internal lock cylinder, which features the advantage of smooth unlocking. With the increasing demand for safety, MAKE independently developed and designed the disc tumbler cam lock M1 and M3 with high safety levels and excellent anti-theft performance, which was welcomed by the market.

Tubular Cam Lock
The lock is mainly controlled by its internal structure, which performs well in safety. MAKE Tubular Cam Locks include MK100B series, MK101B series and MK101AS series, each of which contains a variety of specifications. The acting length of the bolt can be customized and anti-drilling steel balls can be arranged according to customers’ requirements and, which can effectively prevent the locks from being damaged.

Pin Tumbler Cam Lock
Its core structure is a pin tumbler structure. MAKE Pin Tumbler Cam Lock is equipped with high safety tumbler system, which has strong safety performance, smooth unlocking feel and convenient installation, and has double-sided and three-sided pins to increase the safety factors.

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