What is PCD Pharma?

PCD Full Form stands for Propaganda Cum Distribution in the Pharmaceutical Industry. PCD is a term that is widely used in pharmaceutical marketing. Propaganda Cum Distribution emphasizes the right to advertise and distribute in the pharmaceutical industry.

Every branch franchise partner of a PCD Pharma franchise company is given access to every product. Being associated with the parent Pharma Franchise also has additional benefits. An advantage of a product exclusivity and marketing support are provided to partners in a pharmaceutical franchise.

The parent company provides its partners with an exclusive choice of its pharmaceuticals, which they then resale on the market. The benefit of maintaining its sales profit margins is given to the partner company. A partner franchise is also given permission to utilize the company’s own trademark and brand name.

The size of the business is the main differential between a PCD Pharma and a Pharma Franchise. A pharmacy franchise deals with larger units, has significant financial outlays, has broad market goals, and covers a sizable geographic area.

PCD Pharma, on the other hand, uses smaller units, needs less funding, and has a smaller footprint.

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