What is FD Fan and Its working Principle?

A type of fan that provides pressured air to a system is called a forced draught fan (full form of FD fan). This FD fan is crucial in the context of a steam boiler assembly.

Working Principle

Air is supplied by the FD fan to the Air-preheater, where it heats the flue gases that exit the boiler.

One of the potential modern methods for obtaining additional energy from the combustion of solid fuels is fluidized bed combustion. But if there hadn’t been any Forced Draft Fans, this might not have ever become so well-known.

Whether it is a fluidized bed combustion integrated boiler that bubbles or circulates. The only way to achieve this fluidization event is using a forced draught fan.

Let’s look into Bubbling Fluidized Combustion. It is crucial to properly build the fan to account for the weight of the sand that is placed on the bed.

By establishing a sufficient airflow and balancing the weight of the bed and the amount to be supplied, the compressed air supplied by the fan aids in fluidizing the sand in the furnace.

Calculating the amount of air supplied for combustion is just as important as calculating the pressure head.

Different names for a forced draught fan are primary air fan and secondary air fan. Despite being installed in the same Steam Boiler Assembly, they all function at various flow rates (m3/hr) and head generation levels (mmwc).

Sometimes the same FD Fan, also known as the Secondary Air Fan, is fitted to perform the job of compensating for the extra air needed for complete combustion.

When the fan’s working fluid (often air) is held in a fan past the atmospheric pressure, forced draught occurs.

Never underestimate the significance of the characteristics and make-up of the fuel that will be burned, as well as the height of the bed in the furnace, when designing a fan.

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