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Set Goals

Aiming for a specific outcome can give you a sense of clarity and focus. There have been times when I’ve hit a brick wall financially. However, you know what? Even with limited funds, you can do a lot.

The effects of illness, injury, and family hardship can take their toll on you, but by setting goals, writing them on paper, and focusing on one task at a time, you can gain focus and a positive outlook on life. You should be excited about your goals.

10 Minute Breathing Sessions

In ten minutes, a lot can happen. There are many things you can do, including going to the grocery store, walking around the block, or making a few phone calls.


You can accomplish a lot with this, so take some time to refocus. It might take an hour or twenty minutes. Do some stretching, breathing, walking, and meditation.

What makes breathing exercises so important? By resetting your mental and physical states, you can feel more balanced.

Treat Yourself

You don’t have to feel guilty about treating yourself. It is imperative that you deal with number one before you can deal with numbers two, three, and fifty! You are only worse off not giving your best if you don’t take care of yourself. Take a reward meal after a hard week at the gym.

You’ll come closer to a solution if you take two hours away from the problem you’ve been working on. Get a massage and you will feel great and be in a great mood.

The two voices I heard in my head worked for me. Another voice told me I should have done this sooner after I treated myself, and one of those voices was complaining and dragging me down.


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