Top 5 Woocommerce Mobile App Mistakes to Avoid Before Launch

Perfection in the mobile app development process requires time, money, and effort because a little bit of error can damage your brand’s reputation. So, it becomes important for the eCommerce merchant to avoid the mistakes that might also damage their app’s productivity. Moreover, Having an app error can make customers delete a mobile app and go to one of the numerous alternatives.

The WooCommerce Mobile App Builder by Knowband is made up of a no-code framework that eliminates coding errors. Additionally, the WooCommerce Mobile App Maker allows the e-Commerce merchant to perform several customizations in the shopping app with the help of a few mouse tweaks. 

Avoid These Common Woocommerce Mobile App Errors Before Launch

MISTAKE #1: Not identifying the Customers requirement

Developing a mobile app without going through the target audience’s needs can be a challenging task for an eCommerce merchant. The store merchant must invest a good amount of time to ensure what the customers’ demands are. Moreover, customer analysis helps the eCommerce merchant to analyze the app’s features and functionalities. Furthermore, it makes the app development process go smoothly and efficiently.

The WooCommerce eCommerce Mobile App consists of multiple features that cater to the requirements of your target audience. The module also allows the store merchant to customize, add, and delete the home screen layout, banner, images, splash screen, color, and font according to his requirements. 

MISTAKE #2: Your App is Overloaded with Features

Designing a feature-rich app does not mean it should contain all the functionalities. Having too many functions can also make the Android and iOS apps look complicated. That is one of the most common mobile app development errors. It can also end up confusing the customers rather than addressing their issues, hence raising the app’s bounce rate. 

The WooCommerce eCommerce Mobile App is planned, designed, and launched after considering all the important features that are required for the smooth functioning of the shopping app. 

Some of the important features of the Knowband WooCommerce Mobile App Creator are:

  1. Multi-Currency‌ ‌&‌ ‌Multilingual‌ ‌App
  2. DIY Home-Page Layout Builder
  3. Enhanced layered navigation
  4. Language & currency selection
  5. List & grid view of products
  6. Multiple social sharing options
  7. Coupon & voucher support
  8. One-Page Checkout
  9. All website payment & shipment methods 
  10. Order Tracking
  11. Push Notifications
  12. Facebook & Google Login
  13. Wishlist Option

MISTAKE #3: Selecting an App development Company Without Sufficient Research

Many business owners select inexperienced developers for the lower cost, which can lead to poor judgments and wasteful spending. Choosing a WooCommerce Android App Builder company requires a methodical strategy. Additionally, the store admin needs to make sure that the app development team is experienced and well-knowledgeable. Knowband has a team of experienced developers and has already built a number of mobile apps for the eCommerce store.

MISTAKE #4: Poor UI/UX Designing

Many times, we get so preoccupied with the creation of an Android or iOS app that we forget about its user interface. User experience and user interface are important elements of any mobile app. Many customers uninstall an eCommerce mobile app because of its bad UI/UX design. Poor UI/UX design can also result in a slow application, which is another reason why online visitors abandon it.

The Knowband WooCommerce iOS App Maker consists of a user-friendly layout that allows the customers to easily access the app content and other remarkable features as well. The module makes sure your eCommerce mobile app is easily accessible and user-friendly for customers. Additionally, the beautiful, simple, and clean shopping app causes the visitor to visit and shop more often. 

MISTAKE #5: Inadequate Communication During Development

Most mobile apps fail because of poor communication throughout the development process. Having clear communication with the app development team is essential for the success of an Android and iOS app. Furthermore, the key to avoiding this problem is to prioritize the communication with the app development team and spell out your requirements clearly.

The Mobile App for WooCommerce by Knowband consists of a pre-requisite form that asks for all the important details from the store admin that are essential for the app’s development. Filling out the form also ensures that the information is sent correctly and reduces the possibility of future errors.

To Summarize

App development is time-consuming and requires effort. To avoid mistakes like this, the store admin must be aware of user needs, required app features, app design, and much more. In this post, we’ve discussed the top five WooCommerce Mobile App development errors to avoid. We believe that this list of errors will assist you while you decide to build a shopping app for your eCommerce store. 

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