The reasons explain the need of Prestashop Marketplace Gold Plan

The Prestashop marketplace gold plan by Knowband is an amazing tool for marketers. Using the module, you can easily create a marketplace. In fact, an upgraded version of a simple and basic platform. Where the basic Prestashop marketplace addon provides an easy transformation process, the gold plan has numerous other benefits. Furthermore, the Advanced multi-seller marketplace Prestashop addon is a complete package for all your marketplace-related needs.

The Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace Gold plan features several modules. Further, that help in the functioning of the platform. In fact, there are some that are functional for the admin while others are for the sellers. That ways, the working of the Prestashop marketplace is smooth and error-free.

In this blog, we will discuss the reasons that best for understanding the plugin by Knowband. Let us go forth and check them out below.

Why do you need the Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Gold plan addon?

For reducing the stress of creating the marketplace

Creating a marketplace can be very stressful for the admin. However, this happens only when they don’t have the right tool. Using the Prestashop Marketplace Gold Plan, they can avoid the stress for sure. In fact, creating here refers to installing and configuring the module. Further, that’s how the working of the marketplace will be smooth and effortless. Thus, the Marketplace Gold Plan for Prestashop comes to be helpful.

For taking advantage of all the several modules available in the Prestashop Multi-Vendor Marketplace Gold Plan

This comes as no surprise that the Prestashop marketplace gold plan comes with more than 6 modules. The names include:

Marketplace CSV import/export

The Marketplace Customer-Seller Ticket Addon

Marketplace Deal Manager

Marketplace Seller Invoice

The Marketplace Sellers-Admin Ticket System

Marketplace Low Stock Alert

Review Reminder and Incentive

These plugins come in really handy when it comes to handling the marketplace effortlessly. In fact, you can go ahead to the Knowband store for a better understanding.

Maintenance is straightforward

On the surface, online business marketplaces look to be a lovely combination of products and services, but on the inside, they’re a mess of complexities that come together to create a terrific customer experience. It takes great calculations and traps within to make internet company offerings look nice to the outer world.

The Advanced multi-seller marketplace Prestashop addon is an easy way to make more money

The Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace Gold plan is a beneficial choice for marketers. In fact, the addon also features revenue models that can help the admin earn his income. Further, the options include product listing fee, membership plans, and commissions from the sellers. Therefore, the admin can help grow the eCommerce business using these models.


So, what do you think about the Prestashop Marketplace Gold Plan by Knowband? Do let us know if you have any questions or are interested in the module at

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