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Introducing the SKODA OCTAVIA, a spacious model because it lives like you do, and is both adaptable in professional settings and useful for families. It is ideal for both city traffic and long trips thanks to its small size, cutting-edge driver-aid features, and great comfort. Enjoy every minute of your drive. With a variety of safety aids, Simply Clever features, and connectivity services, the SKODA OCTAVIA will support you anywhere at any time.

The OCTAVIA has a sleek, athletic appearance thanks to its precise proportions, clean surfaces, and improved aerodynamics. It still has that classic OCTAVIA look that has stood the test of time. There is no possibility that you could mistake it for anything else as a result. The OCTAVIA is the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for a reliable car for work, a family vehicle, a travel companion for outings into the countryside, or all of the above. Contact PPS Skoda Showroom Hyderabad for sales queries related to Skoda Octavia or any of your preferred Skoda vehicles. Also, explore features as you visit the showroom and learn more about Skoda Octavia 2022. Let’s check some important Highlights of Skoda Octavia 

Easily Fit the Whole Family

The 600-liter boot space can accommodate all of your belongings with ease. If you fold down the backrests of the rear seats, the boot will expand to 1,555 litres (640 or 1700 litres in the estate). There are many Simply Clever ways to keep your goods securely fastened in place while loading the boot, including four hooks, three netting, and Velcro cargo components.

Enjoy Your Business Trip

Without the OCTAVIA, a business work travel might be exhausting. Just activate Predictive Cruise Control to watch the miles fly by. Powerful full LED matrix headlights and updates on traffic congestion from online traffic information will be with you the entire time. The most important information will be displayed in great detail on the adjustable Head-up display.

Commute Easily in the City

The OCTAVIA is ideal for routine city traffic travel. The Parking Spaces service will let you know where to find a spot when you need to park. Then you can just sit back and let Park Assist locate a suitable space and direct the car there. The Exit Warning system warns you if there is a chance of collision with another automobile or a cyclist as you exit the vehicle.

Set off for the Mountains in Comfort

The OCTAVIA’s 4×4 drive makes it ideal for winter sports. Simply turn on the auxiliary heating with your smartphone in the morning to warm up the vehicle. Any amount of snow will melt on the heated windscreen. Behind the back armrest, there is a load-through space where your skis will fit with ease. On the journey to the slopes, you can stay warm thanks to the heated steering wheel and four heated seats.

Enjoy Latest Equipment

In the areas that are important to each of us, the OCTAVIA excels. Count on absolute safety and take pleasure in the powerful yet economical engines. The cherry on top isthe connectivity world that Skoda Octavia has to offer.

New Driver Assistance Systems

Travel without concern whether you’re squeezing through crowded city streets or riding down a country road. A number of innovative driver-assistance systems are available on the OCTAVIA to go along with its more economic engines.

Hybrid Technology for Lower Consumption

You can choose from a variety of turbocharged petrol and diesel engines with the OCTAVIA. The petrol engine with naturally aspirated air is another choice. The power can be sent to the front wheels or all four, and it ranges from 81 to 150 kW (or up to 180 kW in the OCTAVIA RS). A 6-speed manual, an 8-speed automatic, and a 6- or 7-speed DG gearbox are all options. For even greater energy efficiency, certain engines are equipped with mild hybrid technology. The V plug-in hybrid drive, which enables the vehicle to run entirely on electricity, and a CNG-powered G-TEC variant are further options.

Certainty at the Wheel

In no time at all, you’ll become accustomed to the OCTAVIA. You’ll get used to the newly designed multifunction steering wheel and DG gear selector with shift-by-wire technology very fast on the road. The innovative head-up display and the totally programmable Virtual Cockpit give a great overview. By providing a number of distinct settings, the Dynamic Chassis Control and Driving Mode Select enable you to go beyond simply matching the car’s characteristics to your mood.

Industry Leading Safety

Up to 10 airbags that function in conjunction with the three-point seat belts can protect passengers. If an accident cannot be avoided, Crew Protect Assist, which shuts the windows and engages belt pretensioning, prepares the passengers for impact. The Multi-Collision Brake reduces the risk of more crashes by stopping the vehicle after a collision to stop further uncontrolled movement.

Full Led lights

The OCTAVIA has effective front and rear full LED lighting. The key benefit of complete LED headlights is its Matrix feature, which reduces dazzling of other road users by sequentially illuminating and turning off each individual LED source. This means that while travelling, you may keep the strong full beam on always to provide you a perfect view of everything going on around you. The Top complete LED tail lights’ dynamic rear indications are one of their specialties.

Driving in the city

In the case of an impending collision with a person or another vehicle, the radar monitors the front area so that Front Assist can warn you or stop the vehicle. Additionally, it has collision-avoidance assistance, which aids you in performing an evasive maneuver so you may safely drive around an obstruction. Turn Assist, another new feature, keeps an eye on an approaching car when you make a left turn (in a left-hand drive). The car comes to a complete stop if there is an urgent threat.

Parking Convenience

All of your parking concerns will be solved once you purchase an OCTAVIA. With merely the use of the accelerator and brake, Park Assist 3.0 can enter perpendicular positions either forward or backward, park in parallel spots, and exit them autonomously. Rear Traffic Alert will assist you in getting out of a queue of vehicles by alerting you in advance if another vehicle is on its way. When maneuvering the automobile in confined places, Park Distance Control Assist makes sure you don’t run into any impediments.

Driving on the High Way

Systems are ready to assist by doing some of the driving for you when you’re on the highway. In order to significantly simplify driving and improve comfort when travelling, Travel Assist integrates a number of technologies and functions. Once activated, Travel Assist can follow other cars in a traffic jam, automatically stop and restart the car, maintain the vehicle’s lane, or display the traffic in the area on a display in front of you. When the driver instructs the vehicle to do so, assisted lane change enables the vehicle to autonomously make lane changes on motorway-style highways at speeds exceeding 90 km/h.

Remain online on the go

Modern infotainment systems with integrated SIM cards provide useful features like traffic updates or a Wi-Fi connection for passengers’ gadgets.

Columbus Infotainment System

The freestanding 10″ Columbus system, which can be operated by touch, gestures, or voice commands, is the top of the infotainment line. Navigation, a connection to your phone using the SmartLink interface (Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or MirrorLink TM), online SKODA Connect services, and the ability to play praline radio stations and streaming services are all included with the standard radio. The touch-slider allows you to adjust the volume or zoom in on a map.

Swing Infotainment System

The 8.25′ Swing standard-fit infotainment system, which supports Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and MirrorLinkTM, can easily interconnect with your phone via Bluetooth and SmartLink.

Skoda Connect

The latest SKODA Connect online services offer remote smartphone control of a few vehicle functions, online navigation and information services, and remote communication with the SKODA service centre of your choice.

Remote Access – Remote Ventilation

By linking your car to your smartphone, one of the SKODA Connect features called Remote Access offers an entirely new way to operate your vehicle. For instance, you can activate the interior ventilation before a trip thanks to the Remote Ventilation feature. It lowers the interior temperature before you get into the car after it has been parked in the sun, which is useful on warm summer days.

Shop with Functions on Demand

The OCTAVIA is the first SKODA model to provide extras that may be ordered online instead of having to wait until the car is manufactured. The infotainment system has a shop where you can quickly improve your automobile, for instance, by adding more colours to the ambient lighting. You can also upgrade your data packages, add more SKODA Connect online services, and download applications.

Natural Voice Control

Your automobile will be waiting on your every word to carry out your instructions thanks to the Laura voice assistant.  With Laura, your assistance who can understand standard speech, you can now operate the vehicle. While allowing you to focus more on driving, Laura will assist you in controlling the navigation, media, entertainment, air conditioning, and text messaging.

Upto 5 USB C Ports

The OCTAVIAs come standard with two sleek, backlit front USB-C ports for charging and data transmission. Three additional USB-C ports are available as options; one is located by the rearview mirror to charge a camera, and the other two are for the rear passengers’ devices.

Let’s talk about Skoda’s Octavia’s – Clever Details

Front Door Umbrella Compartment

In case it rains or you want to clean the car, the OCTAVIA has a storage in each door, including an umbrella or hand brush in the driver’s door. Wet umbrellas can be stowed in the water-resistant compartment, and the water from the umbrellas drains outside the vehicle. The second compartment likewise has both features as an option.

Electric Child Safety Lock

When you’re occasionally in the car with kids and other times with adults, you need to be mindful when using the mechanical rear-door child safety lock. From the driver’s seat, you can electronically activate and deactivate the rear door locks whenever you need to.

Retractable Sun Blinds

Retractable sun blinds can be pulled up to cover the interior if you need privacy or protection from the sun’s rays while working. They are completely hidden when not in use.


When looking to buy a high-end sedan at the lowest possible price, the Skoda Octavia is the ideal option. The Skoda Octavia provides a secure ride while maintaining convenience and enjoyment. To learn more about the technical specifications or features of the Skoda Octavia, schedule a test drive online or stop by PPS Skoda Dealer  in Hyderabad. Before choosing a variant of the All-New Skoda Octavia that meets your needs, learn about the best features and specifications from our expert sales team.

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