Scrap Metal Magnets

Scrap Metal Magnet
The MHM Hydraulic Magnet is the all purpose solution for every kind of sorting work in the demolition and recycling area as well as track construction and track dismantling.
The compact magnet system concept is the perfect alternative to the fixed hydraulic equipment on mobile construction machinery.
Flexible use through numerous suspension possibilities, such as
Quick-change systems, Rotating devices, Grappler suspensions.
Mozelt generators:
Mozelt generators and magnets for over 50 years for the Germany’s oldest manufacturer for specialized excavator generator systems specialized in excavator generators and hydraulic magnets for over 50 years maintenance free power generators and load lifting magnets Reliable and safe (overload and short-circuit proof).

Short delivery time (usually less than two weeks). Engineered and manufactured in Germany Belt or hydraulically driven 220 / 230 Volt generator for every excavator Release time optimization for every material safes time and money. Maximum efficiency by continuous operation due to 100 % duty cycle. Reducing handling time and costs up to 35%. Mozelt Scrap Magnets and gen sets are used on all excavators around the world. Mozelt Generators work on every excavator, crawler, crane, either hydraulically, mechanical or even fully electrical.
Over 50 years of experience and more than 6000 generators that are used every day on 5 continents.

Over 6000 generators are currently in the field, so we have some experience and you can find our recommendation next to the excavator.

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