Prestashop Gift Card Manager is a must for your store

Knowband’s Prestashop Gift Card Manager is a must-have solution for any eCommerce marketer. It is, in reality, a really useful plugin for your company. You can easily add a section of gift certificates to your Prestashop business with the Prestashop gift card Addon. Furthermore, the module allows you to effortlessly generate as many choices as you wish. As a result, clients may quickly locate the occasion for which they want a gift card. Additionally, make an order for the same. As a result, your eCommerce business’s sales and income will rise.

In this post, we will see the aspects that help you understand why the Prestashop gift card module is a must for your store. Moreover, you can then decide whether you should plan to install the addon or not.

Why is the Prestashop gift card manager a must?

The ease with which gift certificates can be sold

The module’s simplicity of use has to be the initial feature. Alternatively, you might claim that the Prestashop gift voucher module makes selling vouchers a breeze. The entire procedure is seamless, from installing the Prestashop plugin to allowing clients to purchase gift cards. Furthermore, you can easily configure the parameters from the module’s backend. In fact, make any changes you think are necessary for your store’s expansion. For example, put the part where it will be seen the most, make as many gift cards as you like, and so on.

Gift cards are customizable

The Prestashop gift voucher module from Knowband is customizable. You may also allow your consumers to customize the gift card to meet their specific needs. You may do the same from your end as well. Customers can, for example, personalize their gift cards before mailing them to the receiver. The Prestashop gift module, on the other hand, allows you (as the administrator) to create a clever title, adjust the appearance and feel, and do a lot more.

Use of the gift card in parts

This is unquestionably a game-changing addition to the features. Furthermore, clients may now only utilize a portion of their gift cards. In fact, they can make two purchases with the same card. The administrator can also specify the quantity and validity of the voucher. Order tracking is simple and straightforward.

Capability of Cron

Customers will find it appealing because they may mail the gift card on the day of the event. Cron allows the Prestashop store administrator to schedule the email’s delivery.

Compatibility for many languages and multi-store compatibility

Prestashop send gift card addon supports several languages. The language for the communication and email layouts can be chosen by the administrator. It eliminates the communication gap that exists across countries when it comes to eCommerce. The module works with several stores.

Tracking the orders by Gift Cards

What’s the purpose of having a module if you can’t track how well it performs? As a result, the Knowband Prestashop gift card manager allows the administrator to review and track orders. In reality, he can do that via the plugin’s backend.


The Prestashop gift card manager is a practical and advantageous alternative for your online store. Do you want to put money into it? Please send us your feedback at

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