Pamela Reif Workout Plan & Diet Regimen


Pamela Reif is a German model who is a social media influencer as well. She is a fitness model, writer and is considered the most followed star of social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. 


She belongs to Germany and has a gorgeous and sleek body that makes her the deva of fitness. There are millions of fans and followers on her Youtube and Instagram posts that follow her every minute. 


People follow her to know what Pamela Reif’s workout plan is in week one and the basics of her diet regimen? That is why we have dug up the facts about her abs workout and overall workout routine in this article.

Pamela Rief Bio & Current Stats


Pamela Leonie Reif




July 9, 1996


Karlsruhe, German


5 feet 5 inches


54 kg


Web Video Producer, Social Media Influencer 


Pamela Reif Social Media Fame

The story behind her social media fame is that Pam had the keen urge to learn dance when she was significantly younger. Even in her teenage, she wants to be a dancer or a model. 


But things turned around when she posted her fitness and workout videos on YouTube and became the apple of everyone’s eye. That was the turning point when she decided to be what she loves; that is her fitness passion. 


This is not the end of her journey; it is just the beginning because she consistently makes fitness-based videos and posts on her accounts.

Pam is also writing a book based on cooking recipes.


All these recipes revolve around fitness and weight loss. Moreover, her videos on her YouTube channel have millions of views that maker her the real-time influencer among her age generation.

Pamela Reif Workout Plan 2021

Pamela Reif’s workout plan is available on her YouTube channel, Instagram posts, and Facebook page. You can also get Pamela Rief’s workout plan in pdf. 

If you are worried about finding Pamela Reif’s workout plan, here is the Pamela Reif home workout routine for a better idea. 


This is one of the most foremost things that Pamela incorporates in her workout. The primary reason behind doing these exercises is to ramp up the heart rate. They are easy to do and require a few repetitions.


You can pair it with other exercises to make it beneficial for the whole body. She performs these exercises to boost the strength of his body.


Jumping jacks

30 seconds

Squat jumps

30 seconds

Plank jacks

30 seconds

Mountain climbers

30 seconds


Butt Workout 

With the help of Pamela’s butt workout routine, maximum perks can be gained. This workout targets her glutes, abs, and thighs.  


It is one of her favorite workouts because she wants to make her butt look stronger and shaped at the same time. The exercises are:


Squat with core twist

30 seconds

Jump squat with pulse

30 seconds

Squat walk alternating sides

30 seconds

Squat hold

30 seconds

Plank to jump squat

30 seconds

Straight leg kickback

30 seconds each leg

Donkey kick with pulses

30 seconds each leg

Plank with kickback

30 seconds each leg

Leg circles

30 seconds each leg

Leg kickback hold 

30 seconds each leg


Ab Workout

Abs are her most beloved body area where she put more focus. But she takes care of the core muscles and has the most valuable and relevant exercises. 

Let’s check out what are the Pamela Rief ab workout routine in this section.


Leg lift circles

30 seconds

Reverse crunch leg lifts 

30 seconds

Leg lifts with cris-cross-movement 

30 seconds

Cross crunch with leg lift

30 seconds

Russian twist

30 seconds

Leg lift

30 seconds

Flutter kicks

30 seconds

Toe taps

30 seconds

Reverse crunch leg lifts

30 seconds

Roll ins

30 seconds

Bicycle crunches

30 seconds

Side plank pull

30 seconds each side

Side plank reach through

30 seconds each side

Static side plank

30 seconds

Plank back and forth

30 seconds

Cross spider plank

30 seconds


Arm Workout

Pamela’s arm workout routine makes her arms look stronger, shaped, and beautiful. It gives tone to your body and makes it look more muscular. 


She utilizes the underneath exercises that make her arms and abs lean but more muscular at the same time.



30 seconds

Shoulder taps

30 seconds

Side push-up left arm

30 seconds

Side push-up right arm

30 seconds


30 seconds

T rotating plank

30 seconds

Up-down plank

30 seconds


30 seconds

Superman with rotation

30 seconds


30 seconds

Triceps dips

30 seconds

Reverse static plank 

30 seconds


30 seconds

Plank with rocking back and forth

30 seconds


Pamela Reif Weight Loss Diet Plan

Pam loves to eat healthy things in her diet plan. She is a big foodie and much on various healthy snacks. That is why she remains slim and snake-hipped. 


She has the diet named “Right Diet” and eats the foods that have nutrition. Pamela’s booty workout routine is paired with a healthy diet. In her meals, she prefers o have more vegetables than meats. 


That is why there are more veggies and low meats in her meals. Here are the meal details of Pamela Rief.


Pamela Breakfast

Here is the detail of Pamela’s breakfast routine. There are almost all the healthy foods in her breakfast bowl that she intakes for a nutritional boost. Pam breakfast has: 



A bowl

Marble cake

1 piece

Chocolate blueberry smoothie

1 bowl



Rozen zucchini



One Small 

Cocoa powder

As per taste

Blueberries & Coconut

As per taste

Green smoothie

1 glass


Pamela Lunch  

There is more protein in Pamela’s lunchtime. She goes for proteins because Pam has to work out in the morning, which requires a boost of energy to serve her body’s needs. 


That is why she prefers to have a food source to help her recover from his morning workout. The food list includes:


Sautés sliced zucchini

Fresh baby spinach

Cherry/grape tomatoes




Pamela Dinner

The Pam dinner routine has simple and hearty meals to be light. She likes to have soup at her dinner time. Most of the time, the soup contains the following ingredients. 

You can add these things to make soup or change them as per your taste. Try it for desired health benefits.  


Sliced zucchini

Broccoli florets

Shredded kohlrabi


Celery root



Tomato passata



Added flavor

Sea salt


Last to Say

Pamela Reif is a fitness model and social media influencer from Germany. She has her YouTube channel where she posts videos about her workout routine at home and gym and a diet plan.


She loved to have healthy meals and a body-friendly workout to keep her butt, abs, arms, and abs trimmed. So you can give it a try to the Pamila Rief workout routine and enjoy the skinny figure like your favorite fitness deva. 

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