Knowband’s OpenCart related products extension is a must

Knowband’s OpenCart Automatic Related Products Extension is a clear and easy module. Additionally, it is a must-have solution for your eCommerce firm. Indeed, the OpenCart Automatic Related Product extension enables you to begin cross-selling on your website. Knowband’s OpenCart Automatic Related Product extension allows the admin to showcase related products. Further, he can do that on the front end of the website.

Going further, in this blog, we’ll go over how the OpenCart-related products plugin works. It will also assist you in understanding why the extension is a must for your business? Let’s take it a step further and learn more about the OpenCart alike product module.

OpenCart related products extension in simple terms

Knowband’s OpenCart similar products extension encourages cross-selling on the site. Furthermore, the administrator can quickly show a block to consumers with related items. In fact, the administrator can quickly display items that would entice clients to spend more. As a result, your store’s cart value and sales will increase.

Let’s look at the integral features that make the module a must. Furthermore, make it famous among merchants.

Why is OpenCart Automatic Related Products Extension a must?

The simplicity with which the related goods block can be displayed on multiple sites

The convenience of displaying the block is the first feature that makes the OpenCart-like product module so appealing. The block can be shown on the homepage, product pages, category pages, cart pages, and manufacturer sites, among other places. He also has the option of displaying the part on all sites or just a few. As a result, he can show the block according to his preferences and the needs of the company. He can also choose the order in which the goods appear on those specific pages. He can put them in the bottom, right-sidebar, or left-sidebar of the site pages, for example.

Simply show goods that are currently purchasable

When a customer discovers that a product they were planning to purchase is out of stock, they become extremely irritated. Furthermore, especially when those items are displayed on the pages. As a result, the administrator can opt to only show goods that are currently in stock. Furthermore, he can easily hide out-of-stock items to avoid unhappy clients.

OpenCart Automatic Related Products Extension compatibility features

Everything is at the admin’s fingertips. In reality, he can make all of the necessary adjustments from the module’s backend. The administrator, for example, can create an attribute and keyword filters. He can also use attribute and keyword filters. In reality, he can select the priority of the state in which the objects are shown.

Let us Wind Up!!

As a result, now you know all there is to know about the OpenCart Automatic Related Products Extension. What are your thoughts about it? As a result, you can easily use the module to urge users to raise the value of their basket. Finally, if you have any questions concerning the module, please contact us at

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