ITU Translation Promise 100% Quality Guaranteed on Translation Services in Miami

Miami, Florida – ITU Translation provides professional translation services in Miami at the most competitive rates in the industry, now offering 100% Quality Guaranteed on their translation services. They have vast experience translating a wide range of content types.

ITU Translation provides transcription services in over 150 languages for all industries and professions at an affordable rate. They specialize in legal transcription, academic research transcription, financial, insurance and investigation transcription.

Their clients upload their dictation, audio recordings of interviews, legal documents, court hearing recordings, teleconferences, podcasts or focus groups via their secure, cutting edge transcription workflow system. Their expert transcriptionists and proofreaders will deliver exceptional quality transcripts within your chosen timeframe. They can use clint’s templates or tailor-make templates for the client at no extra cost, and they cater for all realistic deadlines.

Over the last 11 years, ITU Translation has done thousands of hours of transcription. They have an over 98% accuracy rate. All of the transcriptions are done by real people. Their transcriptionists specialized in many fields such as medical, business, legal, interviews etc.

Anyway, they can guarantee that their client receives an accurate transcript from them. They have multilingual ongoing transcription projects for one of the biggest software companies in the field.

Before engaging in the work process they spent time adapting their organizational strategy to maintain consistency of the workflow for the duration of the entire project.

To achieve that 98% error-free transcription service they always strive for, they organized and implemented a training module for all their teams of transcribers with special thought to meet the complex and strict guidelines instructions required for such a highly specialized service.

With multi-level project management and quality assurance programs enabled within their work strategy, they were able to successfully face the challenges of the projects and deliver all files within the timelines required by the client.

Their professional approach during the duration of the transcription project has guaranteed top quality work being delivered on time, setting up the base for further partnership between ITU Translation and the client. The customer has become a regular with them.

Go to their website and tell them about the translation project. They do the rest.

  • Their project manager receives the files, checks them out.
  • The client receives an exact quote, usually within an hour or two but not more than 7 hours.
  • Upon client’s confirmation, their project manager assigns the job to the best available transcriptionist qualified for that subject.
  • The transcriptionist will create a professional, formatted, accurate transcript. It will be saved in a text format (MS Word, TXT etc), so that client can easily search, copy or share with others.
  • The project manager checks the files again to make sure it meets ITU Translation’s standards before emailing them to the client on or before the due date requested.

The main benefits of outsourcing to ITU Translation include:

  • Fast and Free quotation
  • Detailed analysis and planning of the project
  • Understanding special needs
  • Top-quality work delivered
  • Significant cost benefits due to competitive rates

Whatever the size and complexity of the transcription, translation or Voice Over project, ITU Translation can offer 100% quality guaranteed service solutions at unbeatable rates.

ITU Translation Services Are A Trusted Language Service Provider For Translation Services, Proofreading, Interpreter Services, Voice Over, Subtitles In Over 150 Languages In All 50 States And Abroad.

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Company Name: ITU Translation Services
Address: 13550 SW 88th St #270, Miami, FL 33186
Phone: (305) 747 5996

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