How To Improve eCommerce Store Sales With OpenCart Mobile App

Nowadays, people are spending more time on their smartphones and using them for almost everything. It is estimated that mobile apps account for about 55% of website traffic. Nearly, 60% of online customers use their mobile phones to search for a particular product. 

But the real question is, how can you improve the sales and revenue of the eCommerce store with an app? The OpenCart mobile app builder by Knowband consists of several amazing features that will help you increase the productivity of your business. You can also satisfy the user’s needs by giving them the services that they always wanted.

Simplify The Checkout Procedure

The checkout feature is an essential part that will help the store admin to increase the business revenue. It is necessary to make it simple to increase the conversion rate and lower the cart abandonment rate.

The OpenCart mobile app maker gives the option of a one-page checkout to the store admin so that the customers don’t have to wait long. If your customer has to wait long to make a purchase they will eventually leave the shopping cart and shop somewhere else.

AllowSocial Login

Many customers have already registered themselves on social media platforms and given their trust and loyalty to them. Enabling the social media login options such as Facebook and Google on your OpenCart mobile app will make your brand more trustworthy. It also eliminates the need of creating a new account thereby simplifying the sign-in process. 

Push Notification 

The OpenCart eCommerce mobile app consists of a push notification feature. This feature of the shopping app allows you to create customized notifications so that your users can receive regular updates. You can send notifications about offers, discounts, and updates which allow the store admin to stay in touch with customers.   


The OpenCart mobile app helps to improve communication between store admin and customers. By fulfilling the user’s requirement, the store admin can increase the productivity of the business.  

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