How to choose Good PP Strap?

Pp straps can be categorized into three categories based on composition: new pure material, discharge material, and regular sandwich. The worst is the standard sandwich, which is the same as the standard packing belt, while the new pure material is worse than the new pure material in terms of cost performance, applicability, and pricing.

PP Strap is segmented based on its intended use. Fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manual categories can be made. Semi-automatic indicates that certain parts are manufactured by machines and some are made manually. Fully automatic means that everything is operated by machines, the quality is excellent, and the price is very high. There is no such thing as totally automatic, thus the quality isn’t as fantastic as it would be. Expensive; given that they are entirely handcrafted, the quality is considerably lower and the cost is lowest.

There are numerous Pp packing belt varieties, and we can select one that best suits our requirements.

Pp strapping can be categorized into three different types: transparent, translucent, and multicolored, depending on how transparent the raw materials are. The best Pp straps are transparent ones, followed by translucent and colored ones that are comparable to standard straps in quality.

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