How to Apply for a Personal Loan Online Without a Salary Slip?

There are various situations in everyone’s life when they need considerable funds to cover their expenses. However, to meet such an immediate financial crisis, people choose multiple options, but a personal loan is always the most favorable. A personal loan is one of the most popular credit facilities because of its various advantages. But applying for a personal loan requires fulfilling the loan provider’s eligibility criteria, submitting various documents, and you may need to pay interest on personal loan.

Every lending party needs assurance that you can quickly repay the loan amount; thus, they ask for income proof. But if you still need to get your salary slip for income proof, it may be difficult to get a personal loan, but possible. In such cases, like the absence of a salary slip for salaried people, you can easily apply for a personal loan, but you have to consider some extra points. However, this guide will help you know how to apply personal loan online without your salary slip so you can easily and quickly avail of your loan.

Why is a personal loan the best choice?

A personal loan is an unsecured credit facility in which a bank or financial institution allows a borrower to borrow a specific loan amount to meet their financial crisis. A personal loan application and approval process are quick and hassle-free, as you can apply for a loan without waiting long. After getting approval from the loan provider, you will get your loan amount as soon as possible, which makes it the most sought-after crest facility for everyone.

Apart from quick disbursal and minimum documentation, getting a personal loan is very beneficial. You do not need to submit your most valuable assets to the lender as collateral, which means there is a lower risk of losing your assets. However, loan providers charge interest on personal loan on your repayment installments to cover their risks.

What do you need to get a personal loan?

While availing of a personal loan, a loan provider may ask you to show various documents and fulfill their eligibility criteria. However, the eligibility criteria for a personal loan may differ depending on different banks or financial institutions. If you are eligible for a loan, it may also help you get a loan at a lower interest on personal loan. Different banks allow personal loans according to people of limited age, applicants with stable income, good credit scores, work experience, etc. However, accomplishing all these things will help you get a loan at a lower interest rate.

Besides these eligibility criteria, you may need to submit documents like income proof, including a salary slip for a salaried person, a bank statement, identity and address proof, including an Aadhaar card, passport, license, ration card, voter ID card, etc. You may have to submit any identity and address proof, but you must submit all documents for income proof. However, if you do not have a salary slip, the points below will help you know how to apply for a personal loan without a salary slip.

Ways to Get a Personal Loan Without Salary Slip

Find a Loan Provider with Simple Eligibility Criteria

When looking for a personal loan without a salary slip, you must look for a lender who allows loans with simple eligibility criteria. It will help smooth the loan application, verification, and approval processes.

Show an Alternate Income Proof

You may need a salary slip if you are a freelancer, self-employed, working on a contract, or earning cash. But for loan approval, you must show it; however, you can show other financial documents to verify your income. You can produce an income certificate, an ITR, and a bank statement on Form 16. If you show these documents, it will assure your loan provider about your stable income.

Offer Any Collateral

If you have a salary slip, it will be easier for your lender to trust your stable income. However, you can also offer to pledge your precious asset as collateral or security. It will help your lender gain trust and quickly provide you with a loan.

Sign up for a Loan with a Co-Applicant

When you apply jointly with a creditworthy co-applicant, it will be best to get a loan without your salary slip or bank statement. If your co-applicant has a steady income, it will improve your loan provider’s trust and confidence in your repayment affordability. Therefore, you will get your loan easily and quickly.  

Maintain a Good Credit Score

Whether you have a salary slip or not, if you have a good credit score, this will help you get a loan quickly. If you have maintained your credit score, it reflects your creditworthiness; the loan provider will trust you quickly as you can easily avail of a loan.


A personal loan is the best option to resolve the issue when one needs immediate funds to meet a financial crisis. You must get a loan to pay off your expenses; however, if you do not have a salary slip or bank statement, then the points mentioned above for how to apply personal loan without a salary slip will help you overcome your issue.

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