How is the PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace beneficial for the admin?

Sometime in the past having an online store was adequate. With the movement in advancement and increase in demand for online shopping, many store admins have moved their focus from single vendor stores to Multi-Seller Marketplace. A Multi-Seller Marketplace with a wide extent of merchandise listed at the Marketplace lessens the customer’s efforts and time in buying a grouping of things. Because of the COVID-19 scene, there is an adjustment in the customers’ shopping behavior. The buyers prefer to search for essential products and get their orders passed on in the most limited time possible.

Henceforth, the PrestaShop Hyperlocal Delivery Marketplace by Knowband engages the store admin to relate the local sellers/stores with the buyers in a similar topographical district. The PrestaShop Hyperlocal Service Marketplace offers the customers a dazzling shopping experience. Products purchased from the local stores get passed on to the buyers in the briefest time possible. Hence, the sellers can add their close by shipping region. Customers can without a very remarkable stretch check the product availability and the delivery length by introducing their Pincode.

Features offered by PrestaShop Hyperlocal eCommerce Marketplace

  • Using the PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace Addon, the store admin can conquer any obstruction between the local stores and customers.
  • Any number of sellers are allowed be a part of a Hyperlocal Marketplace. In fact, the admin can decide how many sellers should be there selling in the marketplace.
  • Sellers selected at the Marketplace can without a very remarkable stretch manage and screen the profiles, inventories, shipping services from the backend of the store.
  • The store admin earns by the commissions he charges on all the orders that sellers get.
  • The admin sends email notifications to the sellers. Moreover, the admin prompts them about the various activities happening at the Marketplace.
  • Store admin can enable enlistment plan service at the Hyperlocal store.
  • The seller can list a wide collection of products on the Marketplace.
  • Sellers would extra have the option to entirety for delivery outside the neighborhood geological locale.


Last, the PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace is compatible with Mobile Apps (Android and iOS). Further, the eCommerce store is transformable into a stunning multi-vendor marketplace. The store products and information will be open on both Multi-vendor apps close by seller products and profiles. In fact, the sellers are open on the Hyperlocal mobile app for customer usage figuratively speaking. There won’t be any sort of dashboard or vendor management open on the app. The same is manageable from the online marketplace module. In addition, the movements will be considered the Android and iOS apps. Here are the underneath links for extra details:

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