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City of romance and passion

Located on the west coast, Karachi is Pakistan’s smallest state and not at all like some others, famous for its white sand beaches, heavenly nightlife, diverse fish and world heritage recorded designs. It’s a long way from radical havens or beach escapes, and one of Karachi’s main attractions open 24×7. Karachi’s laid-back atmosphere attracts as many holidaymakers from around the world as Pakistan, or even more.

Karachi is very tourist-friendly and constantly celebrates a number of events, the most famous being New Year and Karachi. Although the fish is very good, Karachi has a prominent place among other nightlife in Pakistan with vogue bars, sail beach shacks, rich bistros, and numerous clubs and discotheques. Due to the low alcohol prices in the state, Karachi is also unusual for more young tourists with tighter pockets in general.

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