Features of Low-temperature Cooking

Low-temperature cooking refers to cooking food at a temperature of 50 to 80°C. Low-temperature cooking for a long time can not only eliminate most bacteria, but also reduce the loss of moisture and weight of food, maintaining the color of the original food. The taste is maintained, and the nutritional content can also be guaranteed to a certain extent.
1. A comparison of traditional cooking and low-temperature cooking  
1.1 Traditional cooking
Traditional cooking mainly adopts high-temperature cooking such as frying, grilling and baking. Traditional cooking can not only remove the original fishy smell in food, but also makes the food have good color and aroma to a certain extent. Food cooked by traditional cooking is more easily absorbed by the human body and can be freely enriched in appearance.
1.2 Disadvantages of traditional cooking
Relying on traditional experience, it is difficult to control the heat and oil temperature. Traditional cooking has very strict requirements on the basic skills of chefs. Because some meat and oils are prone to produce a variety of carcinogens in high temperatures, these harmful substances can not only greatly consume energy, but also affect people’s health to a great extent. Traditional cooking is greatly influenced by chefs’ skills. Once the oil is used too much, it will lead to a large amount of oil fume pollution, resulting in the loss of nutrients in dishes.

1.3 Steps of low-temperature cooking
1.3.1 Vacuum slow cooking
First, the ingredients are preliminarily treated. Then, the ingredients are placed in a sealed bag, and sealed by a vacuum sealer. The sealed bag is placed in a low-temperature cooking machine for cooking. The temperature and time can be controlled according to the ingredients. Sous-vide cooking has features of easy operation, reducing the generation of harmful substances to a certain extent, less oil and water loss, and even heating, which reduces kitchen fume pollution to the greatest extent, and effectively controls labor costs. In terms of selecting devices, the low-temperature cooking adopts the Sous-vide cooker. The Sous-vide cooker can control the temperature to a certain extent, and keep the temperature at a constant temperature. The temperature change range is also small. It can be accurate to 1 to 2 digits after the decimal point.

1.3.2 Low-temperature slow cooking
The main process of low-temperature slow cooking is to cook different natural ingredients by using methods such as boiling and steaming to prepare different raw materials, then season them. Remove them from the cooker. In the process of slow cooking at low temperatures, it can effectively prevent the hardening and aging of the food. Slow cooking at low temperatures can ensure the original flavor of the food, and it does not need to use a variety of professional devices. The operation is relatively simple, and it is suitable for an ordinary family. The device is mainly the sous-vide cooker, which can achieve the effect of controlling the temperature and maintain a constant temperature state.

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