Eurail (Interrail) Train Pass Types, Costs & Feature

What is Eurail Train Pass?

If you plan to visit Europe by train and would like to save a lot of money, a Eurail Train Pass could be your answer. Eurail train passes are a great way for travelers to experience Europe without having to spend so much time and money on plane tickets. Eurail offers unlimited rail travel in the European countries that it includes, as well as Scandinavia, Russia and Turkey. Better yet, the pass is often less expensive than plane tickets.

The European Rail Network serves more than 6 million people every day and distributes over 2 billion tickets, so an Eurail train passes are very useful for travelers who want to save money, but still enjoy the benefits of traveling on trains all around Europe. Eurail Passes are valid for travel in many countries through 19 time zones. They can also be exchanged in some countries within the borders of other countries.

A Eurail Pass allows its users to travel continuously within a specified period of time within the designated region, which includes more than 25 countries across Europe. It’s generally recommended that you book your trip at least 45 days before the departure date, so be sure to check their website for openings near your departure date.


What are the types and costs?

A Eurail pass is not just a travel pass. It is a way to travel throughout Europe and it can be as expensive as you want. Some countries will require Eurail passes for international travel, so alongside your ETIAS visa, Eurail pass, too, is an important part of your trip.

There are two types of passes: 1. Eurail Global Pass – is available for non-EU residents only. The pass comes in four types: Single, 2-5, 6-10 and 11 or more countries. There are also two classes of these passes: Flexi and Regular. The difference between them lies in the discount rates that travelers get when booking online, but typically, it’s only one or two euros per day difference. Although, the Single pass ($329) provides travelers with entry to more than 1,000 destinations throughout Europe – all of them except for France – it does not include free train travel within your country of origin or destination on day one. And 2. Interrail Pass – that is available to EU residents and offer the same type of discounts and benefits as Eurail Global Pass. The costs of the packages are the same too. For more information you can always check the official web-sites of Eurail and Interrail.


Is it worthy to buy Eurail/Interrail Pass?

Definitely. If you are planning to travel across the Europe for a long period of time, these passes can be your best bid. They, not only, provide thousands of different transportation options, but also give you chance to make your holiday more spontaneous. Imagine, you get off the train in the middle of nowhere with no actual destination in your mind. You can take your time, check the timetable and find the most suitable destination for you or you can just hop on the first train that comes to the station in that very moment. What can be better than this? Plus, you only pay once and then you can travel by train until you get train-sick. Another benefit? It is affordable and Eco-friendly, reducing your carbon footprint and helping the Earth to stay healthy.

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