Cyphertop Encryption Software Allow To Encrypt Any Data

New York Dec 31, 2021: Cyphertop declares the release of 256-bit encryption software. Cyphertop encrypts any sort of data on any Windows PC on any type of media. Cyphertop is a simple, user-friendly, 256-bit encryption software that protects all the files and folders. Features AES encryption, strong, custom file shredders, a safe e-mail module, and complete command line support. It is powerful 256-bit strong encryption ensures total security with a zero learning curve.

Cyphertop can encrypt any type of data on any medium such as Hard disk drives, Removable Drives (Card Reader, CD, DVD, Blu-ray disc, USB drives), and even the SD Card on Mobile.

Cyphertop Encryption Software is a simple to operate, the feature-loaded program that protects all the files and folders using strong AES 256 bit encryption. It provides a strong, customizable file shredder. Cyphertop can produce self-decrypting email attachments that enable the user to deliver encrypted/secure email to anybody – the receiver need not have a copy of the program!. This powerful encryption software makes sure that it is statistically difficult for an unauthorized person to access the protected data. Cyphertop is so easy to use.

Cyphertop is made to fulfill the developing security and privacy requirements of all computer users. The encryption software offers simplicity with advanced technology to make sure complete protection with a zero learning curve and optimum convenience. This system is fast and requires comparatively few computing resources and a bit of time to encrypt files. The encryption software gives full access control. No unauthorized access to encrypted data is possible under any conditions, i.e. there are no “back doors”. It guarantees encryption of every type of file like a worksheet, graphic, or word processor. The encryption software works on any type of medium, no matter if SD Card, removable hard disk, zip drive, or CD drive. Cyphertop is transparent to the end-user, made to hide the reasons for encryption technology from the end-user.

Cyphertop works with all MS Windows versions (Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11). Password protects any file or folder with Cyphertop’s strong Encryption. Cyphertop has been developed utilizing DNA cryptographic file encryption software that makes it difficult for even the most superior security experts to achieve unauthorized access to sensitive information of users.

With more than 8 million users, Cyphertop is probably probably the most popular encryption program in the world. Cyphertop provides a selection of two of the best encryption algorithms available. No longer password-protecting files one at a time. No longer deleting documents manually after encrypting them. Files or folders may be encrypted, by right-clicking on them or you can choose the file/folder that you want to encrypt in the Cyphertop Explorer area. It’s also possible to choose multiple files or folders to encrypt. What you get is foolproof, hassle-free, strong security.

Cyphertop, fully functional 30-day Free Encryption Software is available on Cyphertop website site at

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