Advantages of Composite Strapping!

When transporting items that could expand, settle, or shrink, composite strapping is frequently employed. The Polyester Composite Strap is designed specifically for use on abrasive surfaces and sharp edges and is tailored to secure the cargo. We mentioned below some advantages of PP Strap:

  • Sturdy – Polyester composite straps are as sturdy as steel belts, with a high system strength.
  • High Impact Resistance – Due to its distinct characteristics, elasticity, and ability to rebound after deformation, polyester composite strapping may absorb impact energy better than steel strips. Due to their outstanding elongation and memory retention qualities, polyester composite straps remain tight. These characteristics enable the straps to withstand impact without breaking or losing their ability to support a load.
  • High Retained Tension – Polyester composite packs with ultra-high tensile strength are an alternative to ordinary steel belts and other straps, bearing tensions of 0.5 to 8.5 tonnes.
  • Affordable Investments – Given the additional costs associated with all steel strips, polyester strapping is a particularly inexpensive substitute. The packing tool is a cheap instrument that requires little maintenance and little wear.
  • Safe and Injury-Free – The lightweight, supple polyester composite strap does not require gloves to use. It does not bounce when the straps are removed, endangering both workers and recipients. Due to its smooth texture and lack of rough corners, the used tape is very easy to handle and will prevent damage to the forklift tyres during storage.
  • Non-Abrasive – The polyester composite strap’s plush texture guards against scratches and painted surfaces. Products are not harmed while being transported.
  • Easy Handling and No Corrosion – No splicing, sticking, rusting, or rotting.
  • High UV Resistance – Weather-resistant polyester composite straps are great for long-term storage.
  • Polypropylene Coating – Our polyester composite strapping is covered with polypropylene, which makes it more durable in damp conditions and allows it to be used with chemical products, as opposed to steel banding.
  • All industries can use composite strapping since it is versatile, re-tensional, shock-absorbent, and torque-absorbing.


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