5 Unique Features on The Tata Harrier

Tata is expanding its car portfolio with a range of full-sized SUVs that are in turn driving a huge success. In this list comes Tata Harrier which includes the Tata Harrier Dark Edition and Tata Harrier Kaziranga edition in its latest lineup of vehicles. Tata keeps up with a massive future with a perfect rollover of timely trending and well-known features. Walk into the nearest PPS Tata Showroom Chennai for sales queries related to Tata Harrier. Also, explore unique features as you visit the showroom and learn more about Tata Harrier 2022.

Why Tata Harrier is Best?

There were high hopes for Tata’s SUVs before the arrival of the Harrier in 2019. Safari and Nexon were the favorites. However, by releasing the new SUV Tata Harrier, the top automakers may reach the greatest possibility. It has all the toughness and power required for the construction and operation of a full-size SUV. This is how this model has been evolving in one of the most popular car segments, making accomplishing features a necessity today!

5 Features That Drive Today’s Needs

Tata meets today’s needs for style, safety, and functionality with all the enhancements it has made, such as a fresh appearance, endearing details, modern amenities, luxurious exteriors, and interiors. The top 5 characteristics that can lock you are as follows:

  1. Engine Capability

There is just a 6-speed manual transmission option for the Harrier. With a certification of 16.3 kmpl, Tata Harrier believes the car achieves a respectable mileage result. The high-end SUV is capable of surpassing any other vehicle in its class. For the new Harrier, Tata Harrier includes a 2.0-liter diesel engine while the Engine CC (Engine Cylinder Configuration) is straightly aligned. The engine produces 140 horsepower and a 350 nm torque output.

  1. Audio Connectivity

Connectivity options for apple car play and android auto are displayed on a high-resolution touchscreen. With 9 JBL speakers totaling 320w of true-to-life audio, JBL contributes to the sound’s richness and gives listeners an experience like no other. With 320w of audio output and nine speakers installed throughout the car, the JBL sound system additions provide an excellent listening experience. A practical drive is made possible by voice recognition thanks to the system’s integration with audio features.

  1. Control Elements

It adds driving assistance features including hill descent and cruise control with three different driving modes, including Eco, Sports, and City. Three more settings—city, tough, and wet roads—can be handled following preferences. It features a push-button start (peps), rear air vents, a glovebox with a laptop tray, an adjustable steering wheel, electronically adjustable and foldable outside mirrors, and rain-sensitive wipers that adapt to the intensity of the rain by sensing.

  1. ORVM and Camera

One of the standout features of the Tata Harrier is the new ORVM module. Particular focus is placed on the 360-degree camera, which has been updated with essential detail for the zoomed-in photographs. The 8.8-inch touch infotainment system has 360-degree cameras and offers high-quality audio and viewing options. On the Harrier 2023 model, an ADAS is anticipated to be installed.

  1. Security

Tata Harrier offers noteworthy safety thanks to its six airbags, which include side seats and curtain airbags. Safety features such as an electronic stability program (ESP), anti-lock braking, off-road anti-lock ABS, and corner stability control are included. Additionally, it has rollover mitigation, hydraulic brake assist, hill descent control, and hill hold control.

Other Enhancing Features

The Tata Harrier includes features including dynamic wheel torque by the brake, electronic brake pre-fill, hydraulic fading compensation, an anti-lock braking system, reverse parking sensors, and a camera for reverse parking. It also has corner stability control and electronic traction control. A 7-inch TFT color display is part of the new Harrier’s instrument panel.

What is Wet Mode in Harrier?

To prevent control loss in the rain from excessive wheel spin or too much power overpowering the tyres, this mode restricts power to the wheels. Even in this mode, the Harrier struggles to exit the roller; the solution is to use more throttle to boost torque and enable the SUV to propel itself out of the roller.

Is Harrier Easy to Drive?

Even though the new Tata Harrier has front-wheel drive, the driving performance is the same which is one of the top Tata Harrier Specification. A front-wheel-drive generally lowers a car’s running efficiency and thus its fuel economy. Harrier made available across Authorized Tata Showrooms Chennai disproves it, though, by promoting improved performance. Hence, driving is made easier with Tata Harrier!

Is Harrier a Luxury SUV?

The Harrier is a five-seat luxury SUV made by Tata. In addition to being unique among large Tata SUVs due to its front-wheel-drive configuration and monocoque structure, it is the first vehicle from the manufacturer to be constructed on a Land Rover platform. In the segment of under Rs. 20 Lakhs, Tata Harrier names itself as the luxury SUV.

Tata Harrier Variants, Sizes, and Colours

There are four different variants of the New Tata Harrier: the XE, XM, XT, and XZ. It has dimensions of 4,598 mm in length, 1,894 mm in width, and 1,706 mm in height. It features a 2,741 mm wheelbase and 205 mm of unloaded ground clearance. Orcus white, Thermisto gold, Calisto copper, Telesto grey, and Ariel silver are the five colors available for the Tata Harrier.


When looking to buy a small SUV at the lowest possible price, Tata is the greatest option with PPS Tata Dealers Chennai. Tata Harrier offers a safe journey while maintaining convenience and fun. Tata Harrier Price Top Model is Rs. 22.25 Lakhs* while the base model price is Rs. 14.80 Lakhs*. To learn more about the technical specifications or characteristics of the Tata Harrier, schedule a test drive online or visit the PPS Tata Showroom in Chennai. Learn about the major features and specifications before choosing a variant of the new Tata Harrier 2022 that meets your preferences.

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