5 Best Places Around Europe to See the Northern Lights


The spectacular Northern Lights are often called “the greatest show on Earth.” It is well worth the effort to catch a glimpse. It is one of the most impressive sights anywhere in the world to see the sky dance and move in a rainbow of colors.

It cannot be easy to find a night that features the magnificent display of aurora borealis. You can only have the best chance to see the Northern Lights if you are in the right spot at the right moment. This guides us to the best European locations to see the Northern Lights.


Abisko, Sweden

Abisko is considered the best place to see the Northern Lights in Europe. It has the conditions that allow the Northern Lights to appear on an average of 159 nights each year (of the roughly 212 nights that are dark enough to permit Auroras to be visible). Abisko, also known as the Polar desert, is located in the middle of the auroral area at 68 degrees North and 200 kilometers above Arctic Circle. Abisko National Park, protected by the peaks surrounding it, and the fact that Abisko gets the least precipitation than any other place in Sweden, means that Abisko statistically has the clearest nights of any European country.

A key ingredient to successful Northern Lights sightings is dark, clear nights. Because Abisko is located in the middle zone of the aurora, it is also statistically most likely to be found in the 3-6 degree-wide latitude where the auroral oval occurs. If you stay at Abisko for three nights, there is an 80% chance that the Northern Lights will appear.


Alta, Norway

Alta, Norway, is located directly beneath the Northern lights oval. This is because it houses the first Northern light Observatory worldwide. Alta has the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights in Europe because it enjoys clear skies during winter nights.

Alta is said to receive the Aurora 200 nights per year, which increases the chance of seeing the natural display for northern lights chasers. The best time to see the north light in Alta is between September and March when the nights are excellent, and the sky is clear.

You can also visit the modern church of Nothern Lights and Alta Museum’s ancient rock carvings and participate in winter sports such as snowshoeing and dog sledding.


NationalPark Thy, Denmark

Thy National Park is located on Denmark’s western coast. Although it isn’t the best location for viewing the northern sky, you can still see the aurora borealis from this part of the national park. This part of Denmark’s coastline curves northeast, so you can see the aurora from this area if there is an excellent dark sky. Klitmoller, the largest city in Thy National Park, is a great base to explore the park at night and day.


Rovaniemi, Finland

Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland in northern Finland, is called “Rovaniemi.” It is Santa Claus’s official hometown. However, it is also the best place in Europe to view the northern lights.

Rovaniemi’s beauty is even more. You can see the lights around the city, but it is better to leave the areas where there is less light pollution.

The Arctic Garden is one of the best spots in Rovaniemi for watching the northern lights. It is located just behind the Arkikum Museum – a popular tourist spot. Also, the Arctic Garden is at the top of Ounasvaara, a picturesque hilltop. Syvasenvaara Fell is also known as Santa park.

The chances of seeing the spectacular northern lights are high, with over 150 nights of Aurora appearing in Rovaniemi in the long cold winters.


Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is a popular destination for seeing the northern lights of Europe. Many parts of Iceland offer the chance to view the mysterious natural wonders. Reykjavik is the capital, making it even more convenient for those who wish to see Aurora from a distance.

Reykjavik is the best place in Europe to see the northern light because of its long nights that last approximately 20 hours and clear skies. Reykjavik is also the most affordable place to see the northern light in Europe.

Grotta lighthouse, Seltjarnames Peninsula, and other large cities like these are two of the best places to see the colorful dancing lights. They are both located in the northwestern region of the capital.

If the sky is clear, you can see the northern light if there is little or no pollution. You can also go to the geothermal bath to warm up while you wait for the best natural show to paint the sky with different colors.



The natural phenomenon of the northern lights will captivate you with their magical magic. The shimmering aurora was believed to be reflections of the divine shields and armor. They were right, and it’s not hard to see why. This stunning spectacle is genuinely unique!

Science has shown us that the northern lights are not a result of magic. It would help if you had three key elements to catch them simultaneously: clear weather, dark skies, and solar activity. If seeing the Aurora Borealis is on your bucket list, don’t forget to check out ETIAS requirements for each of these countries so that you can secure your entry to Europe.

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